Today I was introduced to the concept of a “/now” page. Most of us are familiar with the /about page on personal websites, which provides an overview or background of the person. The idea behind a /now page is to provide more current information or “what this person is focused on at this point in their life”.

The idea began with a blog post by Derek Sivers. The post caught traction leading to the creation of, a site that lists people who have included a /now page on their own websites.

Inspired by this I have created a Current focus section to my homepage, listing things like my latest log entry and photograph, and even the coffee I am currently brewing.

In true nerd fashion the information is also available in my finger information


I will endeavour to keep this information as current as possible. At the moment I am planning to update it at least weekly. There are a few ideas I have in mind of how best to keep the section updated, we shall see how it goes.