pyratelog pull my finger

The other day I read a blog post by drkhsh about using fingerd to display contact details in the terminal.

This looked pretty cool, and is geeky in a retro Unix way, so of course I had to do it as well.

You can now finger me remotely! To do so incant


If you don’t have finger installed you can also use nc (netcat)

echo pyratebeard | nc 79

While drkhsh’s post shows the setup on OpenBSD I am using Devuan so it was a little different. These steps should also work on Debian or any other deb package system.

I needed to install the fingerd daemon, the finger command, and xinetd, which will run the daemon

sudo apt -y install fingerd finger xinetd

Then created an xinetd service config file under /etc/xinetd.d/

service finger
    socket_type = stream
    protocol    = tcp
    wait        = no
    user        = nobody
    server      = /usr/sbin/in.fingerd
    server_args = -u -p /home/pyratebeard/finger
    disable     = no

The server_args option tells fingerd to require a username to finger and use an alternative script, in my case /home/pyratebeard/finger.

The script I point to is what outputs when you finger me

cat <<EOF
                          __         __                        __
  .-----.--.--.----.---.-|  |_.-----|  |--.-----.---.-.----.--|  |
  |  _  |  |  |   _|  _  |   _|  -__|  _  |  -__|  _  |   _|  _  |
  |   __|___  |__| |___._|____|_____|_____|_____|___._|__| |_____|
  |__|  |_____|

        web |
    address |
        irc | pyrate > | pyratebeard > {darkscience,libera,oftc}
     pgp id | 0x5113a16d
     pgp fp | 7a8e 129d be67 9dab aeb3 37c5 c787 7c71 5113 a16d
     pgp dl |
    ssh key | ssh-ed25519 aaaac3nzac1lzdi1nte5aaaaicsluiy54h5flgxnnxqifwpnfvknih1/f0xf0ycthdqv
   id proof |

  finger ring:



The script has to be executable, then I restarted the xinetd service.

If you try this also make sure port 79 is allowed through your firewall, this is the default fingerd port.

A few of us on IRC have now started a “finger ring”, so if you think this is fun and want to join in let me know using the contact details on my homepage, or finger me, or jump into the #unix channel on and post your finger link.