drawing with light

Recently I have been learning about photography. It is something I started learning in my early teens but I didn’t stick with it.

My wife has a Nikon D3000 which I started to practice with and have been trying to take photographs as much as possible.

We went on holiday recently, the perfect time to practice though I felt that the D3000 was a bit too bulky to take (with a small child luggage space was a premium - because of all their stuff, we didn’t put the child in the luggage). With that in mind I went looking for something smaller that still had all the manual control. I found a Panasonic Lumix LX3 on a local marketplace website. It is an older camera yet was affordable and after looking at some recent reviews felt like it was a good camera to take on holiday. As soon as I picked it up I knew this was going to be a fun little camera. It very quickly became part of my EDC, being just about small enough to fit in my pocket.

In an effort to learn and improve my photography, armed with my trusty LX3, I will be attempting #photober and will try to take a photograph each day of October. I have no idea what I will be shooting although I will try to be honest and take a new photo each day (instead of taking lots before hand and posting them each day).

If you would like to follow along I will be posting the photographs on the Fediverse and on my Deviantart profile. The quality may not be very high as I am still learning both shooting and editing, nevertheless I do welcome constructive criticism.

Lumix LX3