pyratelog eldritch blast

Fonts in the terminal are mostly personal preference. I have been using the same font for many years, Tamzen font by Suraj N. Kurapati, which is a fork of the font I before that, Tamsyn font by Scott Fial.

Even after trying others over the years I always came back to Tamzen. One of my IRC buddies had created a couple of fonts, one of them I have been using a bit this week, viscera. Feeling inspired I installed gbdfed and started playing around.

The font style started to look eldritch, so I lent into that and ended up with what I have named trigon.


As this is my first font there is a limited character set, and only one size. You can download the BDF file to try the font out yourself.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome. You can find contact information on my home page.