notify, only smaller

ntfy is an opensource publish-subscribe (pub-sub) notification service.

Publishing a message can be as simple as using HTTP PUT/POST with curl.

curl -d "Schway, backups successful"

Publishing can be done in your choice of language (python, php, go, etc.) or via the Android app. Take a look at the docs for more examples.

Messages can handle titles, priorities, and tags (including emojis).

curl -H "Title: pyratebackups" \
     -H "Priority: high" \
     -H "Tags: warning,rotating_light,skull" \
     -d "Frak, backups shit the bed"

Topics (e.g. “pyratebackups”) can be anything you want, but there is no authentication so anybody can subscribe.

Subscribing to topics can be done through the ntfy webUI, the Android app, or using the API in your own app.

ntfy can also be self-hosted. Packages are available for Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/CentOS/RHEL, Arch, as well as a binary and a docker image.

I usually set up an email notification in my scripts, but have been trying ntfy out for a few weeks now. Adding a curl command to my scripts then subscribing via the Android app was really simple to do, and now I get instant notifications whole also reducing the noise in my mailbox.

see also

There are some great notification tools out there, a few to check out are:

I like the look of apprise so may trial that at some point in the coming months.