absolute git

Recently I migrated from gitweb to stagit for my personal git server webpage. I liked gitweb and used it for a number of years, but after seeing some other stagit git sites I preferred the style and decided it was time for a change.

My git server is using git daemon to serve the repos. This is really easy to set up following the Git on the Server docs.

Stagit doesn’t take much to get working either. As detailed in the README, to get started clone the stagit repo then use make to build and install. This then gives you the stagit command for creating the web content and stagit-index for generating the index.html page.

In order to make sure stagit is kept up to date I use a git post-receive hook in all my repos which runs every time I push code to the server. This will keep my git web site up to date automatically. An example post-receive script is shown in the README.

I have been really happy with stagit since moving to it and if you’re looking to host your own simple git server I recommend giving stagit a shot.