pyratelog ssh into android

In a previous post I talked about installing termux on an Android device. This tool makes it easy to ssh into our other Linux systems, but what if we want to ssh into our Android device?

Unfortunately password login doesn’t work on Android and if you haven’t rooted your device you have limited permissions. Instead we can use ssh keys.

If you don’t already have an ssh key pair then on you Linux system run

ssh-keygen -t rsa

If you accepted the defaults this will create two files under your user’s .ssh directory, id_rsa and

Make sure sshd is running on your Linux machine (requires the OpenSSH package)

systemctl status sshd

If it’s not installed run the following (if it’s just not running omit the first command)

sudo pacman -S openssh
sudo systemctl start sshd

Also make a note of the IP address

ip a

Next, from termux on your Android device copy down the public key you just created

scp pyratebeard@ ./

Now add the public key to the authorized_keys list

cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys

Almost there. Finally we need to install OpenSSH on termux and start the daemon

apt install openssh

Make a note of the IP address of your Android device

ip a

That’s it! You can now ssh from your Linux machine onto your Android device using port 8022

ssh -p 8022

If you need to specify a user for the above command then from termux run


and add the user to the ssh command

ssh -p 8022 -l u0_a161